Sunday, January 20, 2013

Funny Emmet Stuff 2

1. When we sing Jesus Loves Me and get to the part about "they are weak, but he is strong," Emmet flexes and yells, "Jesus muscles!"
2. Obsessed with finding two of things - two apples, two books, two big trucks, two Elmos, two mama eyes, two Im-me eyes, even two Mamas and two Dadas - ha! We correct him on those last ones (not that there is anything wrong with that), but we tell him the word parents, two parents :)
3. Loves to read books in "Mama bed" or just jump on it.
4. He really likes to take bubble baths lately. He asks for "bubble baF" throughout the day and after dinner (even when I am trying to skip it, ha!).
5. Pushes Mama and Dada's faces together to make us kiss... but wants to be in the middle of any hugs or kisses.
6. Along with identifying eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. he patted me today and said, "Mama body", patted himself, "Im-my body".
7. When he wants to go upstairs he says, "downstairs UP!"
8. Loves to silly dance.
9. Yells his name, " Im-me Bawwwwwwwes"

10. Remembers every place he has ever gotten hurt (along with the corresponding location on his person) and says "No no" or "Uh-oh" to the bed, table, ground, wherever while patting his long-gone owie.
11. Is always sure to tell me the rules: No eat chalk/dirt, fire hot no touch, gentle kitty cat, etc.
12. Can fill in the words throughout his favorite stories. I had no idea how much he has memorized!!
13. Saying "cheese" for the Mama-razzi