Monday, January 24, 2011

Babies Babies Everywhere!

Chad and I know of about a zillion babies expected by our friends this year! Of the 5 or 6 that already know the gender - they are ALL GIRLS!! Baby Boy Barnes is going to have quite a selection of lovely ladies to date when he turns 20 :)

We are keeping up the trend of this wonderful pregnancy at 21 weeks! BBB is the length of a carrot and/or a beer bottle! My friend sent me a website with size references more dad-friendly than fruits and veggies:

In other news, I seem to have an alien in my stomach. There are VISIBLE bulges almost daily as B-cubed practices somersaults, karate, and parkour (look it up). I feel very lucky to already be feeling such powerful movement and I am glad he is so strong, healthy and active! A few concerns, though:
1. Does this mean my child is already hyperactive? I am prepared to start infant ADHD intervention if this keeps up. (I am partly joking; we work on non-med depression and ADHD research studies).
2. He is mostly active in the evening. I don't know if I just don't notice it as much during the day or if it is actually less frequent. Is this going to continue as a sleep habit after birth?

We moved apartments. It sucked. We are still unpacking.

But we love our new apartment! Chad has his man cave set up and is thrilled. The baby room is currently housing all of the unpacked boxes, but soon the fun will begin! I am getting ready to register, and WOW do babies need a lot of stuff! We might have to move again.

And lastly, I put this on Facebook, but I had to share it on here too (along with some of the funny comments it solicited):

  • Just started crying while cooking dinner because I burned the onions... I guess those pregnancy hormones have really kicked in.
    January 20 at 6:55pm · Privacy: · ·
      • Emily Stephens You sure it wasn't the onions? I always cry when cooking with onions :'(
        January 20 at 6:56pm ·
      • Shauna Barnes Haha, maybe! Do onions also make you stomp your feet and yell, "Why is everything so frustrating today?!" If so, I blame the onions.
        January 20 at 7:00pm · · 2 people
      • Aly Shahan oh girl, buckle your seat belt!! haha! :)
        January 20 at 7:00pm ·
      • Leslie Ault Gamel LOL!!! I remember those moments!
        January 20 at 7:07pm ·
      • Scott Adams Poor Chad ...
        January 20 at 7:25pm ·
      • Erika George Romney Haha ohh Shauna I sooo feel you! I burst into tears and cried for about half an hour over the arrangement of our living room furniture. All I wanted to say was, "I don't really like the chair on that side of the room." But it came out between blubbering and sobs. Gotta love pregnancy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Whoa! We're Half Way There!

Week 20 is here! So here is the latest on Baby Boy Barnes!

Size - A banana!! Roughly 10 1/2 oz and 6 1/2 inches (this week they start measuring from head to heel instead of crown to rump because his legs are stretching out)!

Movement - All the time! I feel kicking and punching several times a day, every day! Usually late evening is when they are the most distinct because I'm lying still. Chad gets to feel them sometimes too! It is pretty fun to actually feel my little companion :)

New Talents - Swallowing! BBB is getting good practice so he will be a champion eater when we arrives.

Nursery - We are moving into our new apartment this Saturday, because every woman dreams of moving while she's 20 weeks pregnant :) Some furniture has been procured (crib and rocking chair from Zuzu), and a few decor items and stuffed animals have been purchased. Soon the nursery decorating will really begin!

Mom's Health - Feeling good! No major cravings or aversions, no nausea these days either! My blood work showed I was very low in iron (because of my pre-pregnancy anemia and the increase of blood volume), so I have started iron supplements.

Belly - I have gained 10 lbs so far! It is a crazy number to see on the scale, but I am on track with my weight gain! And the bump has arrived:

Week 17 Week 18 Week 20
*These are terrible pictures of me - but you get the idea of the growing belly*

Here is hoping for an equally great second half of pregnancy!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Inside Out

This was my journal entry from this past Sunday, January 9th, but I wanted to share it on here. It is a little personal, but I feel like the blog is sort of a chronicle of my path to motherhood and this was an important step.

Today I had a very moving experience at church. We were singing:
"And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise
From the inside out
Lord, my soul cries out

From the inside out
Lord, my soul cries out"

and I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be there worshiping with my son in my womb. I don't know what all is in store for his life, but my heart was yearning for him to know and love the Lord. I realized that my heart was being transformed into that of a mother. My heart will now break with my child's pain and rejoice with his victories (instead of my own). It was just a glimpse into the heart of the Father and His immeasurable love for us. I am so thankful for this wonderful gift and this experience today. My soul cries out to the Lord on behalf of the person growing within me. As I left church, I was greeted with a heavy snowfall!! It was such a perfect message from God, "Shauna, all is well. I am in control. Delight in me!"

(Note: this picture is from last year when it snowed on my birthday! I didn't get a picture of this week's snow, because it didn't stick.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, BOY!!

Well, it's official - Baby Barnes is a BOY! We went for the sonogram yesterday and it was pretty clear that we were shopping for blue! Chad almost jumped out of his chair when we found out! He is so excited to have a son; it's really cute! I'm excited too, but I know nothing about little boys, so this will be a whole new adventure!! Here is his sweet little profile. I just love his little nose and mouth :)
This picture was kind of hard to get because BBB was literally doing flips in there! Note to self: start preparing for a rambunctious little boy!! He measured right on target in height and weight (60th percentile) and his head measured a few days larger. So please pray with me that he does not get a giant Barnes head (or at least that he will grow into it AFTER birth). Ha! And here is his first footprint!!
 The sono tech noticed that his second toe was longer than his first and asked who in the family had those feet. Well, it looks like BBB has Papa Chee's feet, which is extra special!! We also got to see some hand waving and mouth opening action. It looks like he may sleep with his hands over his head like Mommy (I'm just trying to claim some parts now because I have a feeling we have a mini Chad on the way)!! That's all for now from Shauna, Chad and Baby Boy Barnes!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kick-start to the New Year!!

We felt the baby kick!!! It was after midnight Monday am and I was lying in bed reading. I kept feeling little thumps, but I thought I might be imagining it. A few minutes later it would do it again, and again after that! There wasn't a rhythm to it, but kind of sporadic. So I finally called Chad in there to tell him I think the baby was kicking! So he laid there with me for a few minutes and then he felt it too!! Baby B was kicking hard enough for Daddy to feel :) It was pretty amazing! And then Chad got up to text our families, even though it was 1 am (sorry about that!). I felt another kick the next morning, but not much since then. I have to really pay attention to feel it, but I am sure that it will start to get stronger!!

Also, we moved our sono appointment up to tomorrow morning!!! So we will know Baby B's gender (if all goes accordingly) in less than 24 hours!! Hooray!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Au Revoir 2010!

The new Mrs. Barnes here wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Chad and Shauna's Top 10 of 2010

10. Watching Ole Miss win at The Cotton Bowl (1/2/10)
9. Tabatha and Dub Melton's Wedding (4/26/10)
 It was wonderful to watch my best friend marry the love of her life! I worked pretty hard for her, and she returned the favor this weekend for me! I caught the bouquet and Chad caught the garter (which is the same garter I wore at my wedding!!).
8. Floating the river with my camp friends in New Braunfels (7/10/10)

7. Chad and I hiking in Breckenridge, CO on our trip with the Barnes/Garrity Family (6/25/10)

6. My 25th Birthday Celebration (2/13/10 - I think dinner was actually on 2/14)

5. Watching Carlyle Elizabeth grow (all year long)

4. Miami - Our first trip just the 2 of us! We had so much fun in South Beach (6/17/10 - 6/20)

3. Chad asking me to marry him (10/3/10)

2. Our wonderful wedding! The day was just perfect and we are so in love :) Details and pictures to come, I promise! (12/31/10)

1. Finding out that we are having a Baby! (10/2/10)
Honestly, I could have done a top 30 - we had so many blessings in 2010. We are looking forward to all of the excitement of 2011, so stay tuned!!