Wednesday, February 19, 2014

33 weeks and 70 degrees

Baby girl is a mere 7 weeks (give or take) away!

I posted this yesterday - Emmet and my shadow - with the caption
"33 weeks and 2 years 8 months"
I am so thankful for theses two little blessings :)

At 33 weeks, baby girl (who does have a name - I may post it later) is:
  •  roughly 17 inches long
  • about 4 pounds and  is quickly packing on the weight, so my belly is ever-expanding!
  • Still as active as ever

And Mama is:
  • Feeling pretty good
  • Having Braxton Hicks contractions, some of which really hurt!
  • Couldn't get my wedding ring on this morning and some of my shoes don't fit
  • Chipping away at my To Do lists - we are almost ready and the nursery is almost finished!

Look! Pink laundry!!
Baby Girl had a lovely tea/shower at the Dallas Arboretum on Sunday and got some cute outfits and sweet pink blankets and other gear. It was so fun to get girly around our house :) 
And as her Dada said, "Those are the sweetest clothes I have ever seen - I can't even handle it!"

In other news, it has been in the 70's and even 80's for the past week or so. And it has been GLORIOUS! God Bless Texas!
So we have been taking many trips to the park

And doing some outdoor fingerpainting

And some water play! Yes, that is my child naked, outside in February...

And here is Emmet watching his current favorite TV show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's a really cute show that is made by the Mr. Rogers company. 
Also, I got the bumbo and some baby toys out when Sarah and Ryker (5mos) came to visit. Emmet has taken to them, as you can see.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

In case you were misinformed, Valentine's Day is actually an extension of my birthday. February 13th just wasn't enough day to hold it all, so my birthday also rolls over to the 14th when everyone can celebrate love and chocolate and pink, purple and red, and flowers! So, I hope you are having a great Shauna's Birthday Part 2!

A picture from our trip to Austin last fall, but I love it!

Making and eating Valentine's cupcakes

Me and my Valentines before dinner last night!

Emmet's Valentine to me

Around our house

Me: Do you want to get anything else for Dada for Valentine's Day while we're at the store?
E: Yes, cheese. Cheese... And pirate booty... and kombucha! 

So that's what we got him. And please notice the bite Emmet took out of the cheese.

Our baby sister countdown - 8 weeks to go!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Spiderman

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's go to the movies!

Emmet had his first movie theatre experience yesterday! We took him to see Frozen, since we were the last people in America left to see it! It was the first of a few special dates we will 
be going on while he is an only child. 
He did great! He asked a few questions and got a little nervous in some parts, but just wanted to sit on   my lap. He's been singing Let it go ever since! 
 His favorite part of the movies, however, was the snacks. I think he was eating something the whole time: popcorn, peanut m&ms, paste booty, and a sucker. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

A Christmas post is better two months late than never, right?! And some of these pictures aren't the best. My computer has a virus, which Chad is working on, but I don't have access to all of my photo editing stuff. 

So, funny story about our Christmas tree: I accidentally used all the strands of lights on the bottom third of the tree, so we had to buy more and ended up with 1800 lights on our 7 foot tree. This is just a phone picture, but it was very bright and magical!

Seeing Santa!

I love how Emmet had a nice little chat with Santa again this year. He is in awe when he sees him and gets a quiet reverence, which we rarely see in him! 

My favorite Christmas moment with Emmet so far came this Christmas, when we made cookies together! He was so excited and really wanted to do it with me! 

Taste testing our creation!

Alex came in town, so we went to an "adults only" dinner at True Food with some Dallas sights, aka the cupcake atm and Highland Park Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve

Emmet's new kitchen from Zuzu that Dada and Uncle Alex put together into the wee hours of the morning.

Mama and Baby Sister at 25 weeks!

Post dinner poppers with toys, paper crowns and trivia!

Putting together the karaoke machine from Amy! The singing, dancing, and noisy chaos that ensued is caught on video, but not posted to protect the guilty :) 

But let's just say, the Barnes Family can karaoke, all generations!

Santa came and brought Emmet a Lightning McQueen, Mac and Mater, which he loves! Opening presents took all morning because he played with each gift for 20 minutes.

Photos from Christmas Day to come- there aren't many/ good ones because Emmet is passionately against me taking his picture. 

So, Christmas night I got the flu, so I was in bed the next three days, I must have been on the naughty list.

So we celebrated with my family later that week, they kindly came over so all I had to do was come downstairs. 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Day of School

Emmet started Mother's Day Out today! 

We were all a little nervous about his first day, but he was great! He sent me away with a hug and a wave and no tears. 

He enjoyed playing cars, painting and listening to a story. And his teacher was impressed with how articulate he is. Meanwhile, Mama didn't know what to do without him! 

He is becoming such a big boy, and we are so proud of him!

Update on Baby Sister

I have not been great on recording this pregnancy, but here's where we are:

31 weeks along! Only two months to go!

Baby Girl is quite a kicker, flipper, dancer - she is always on the move! I'm so glad for these constant reminders she's active and healthy, even if it does hurt from time to time.

Emmet is the sweetest Big Brother! He hugs and kisses my belly and tells his sister he loves her! He even tried to share toys with her, but I don't think that'll last long when she's here in the flesh.

I absolutely love our doctor. We switched OBs a few months into this pregnancy to take advantage of some benefits we get as employees, and I'm so glad we did. Plus the hospital is very "baby friendly" so we are still planning on as natural an experience as we can get.

The nursery has been painted (gray and PURPLE, of course!!), some furniture moved in and some decor ready for the walls, but still some work to do.

I've had the beginnings of nesting, which has resulted in some home organizing, a few craft projects and, of course, epic list making.

The only fear I have in regard to delivery is getting to the hospital on time. My labor with Emmet was five and a half hours and the second one is supposed to come quicker. If you see a news article in the next few months called, "Dallas woman delivers baby on 75" it's probably about me.

Overall, I am feeling pretty great! Here's a belly pic of our growing girl in front of her purple wall (although the lighting isn't the best)!