Friday, September 4, 2015

Lyla Says

Our girl is 16 months old and so much fun! I love watching her personality and independence emerge, with still a lot of baby-ness. This is my favorite age!

About Miss Thing:
  • Can climb the rock wall and go down the slide of Emmet's playhouse all by herself
  • Colored on the wall with a sharpie and ate cat food on the same day... oops
  • Loves to wear necklaces and bracelets and pretending to rub lotion on her legs
  • Plays with her baby dolls now, instead of just brother's toys, and likes to tell them "shhhhh" and "nigh-nigh" and bring them to me to do the same
  • Loves to be outside and playing in the water/bath time
  • Said her first full sentence last week: "No no no bruh-ba, no no no! Mine! Mine!"
  • Is obsessed with reading Madeline and more recently the Pat the Bunny book and Llama Llama Red Pajama. 

Saying "Pooh-pooh" along with "To the tiger in the Zoo, Madeline just said 'pooh-pooh!'"

She is much more reserved with new people than Emmet has ever been, but she is a little chatter box at home and is such a ham and so funny and spirited! Not to mention, she is just plain adorable!

She is literally learning new words everyday. In fact while I was typing this she saw that picture above and said "Ma-mine" for Madeline. Here are all of her words at 16 mos:

Zzzzuu, now Zzzu-Zzzzu
Ow-di (outside)
Dowwww (down, she says it for up too)
Uh (up)
Ahh da (all done)
Hey-o! (hello)
Nigh nigh
Enne (t)
Wy-wa (Lyla and Lily and Lali)
Tssitssi (sister)
Da-doo (thank you)
Uh oh!
No no no no no
Vroom! (Car)
Do-da (Dodi)
Ka-kak (quack quack)
Mooooowwwmm  (meow)
Ruf ruf ruf ruf
Kra-kor (cracker)
Boo-da (booty, as in pirate)
Pop pop (popsicle)
Appa (apple)
Blue-ba (blueberry)
Pooh pooh
Pum-pum (pumpkin)
"No no no, bruh-ba, mine!"
Jore (George, as in Curious)
Ahh (eye)
owwwmm (mouth)
Umpa (open)
Bah (bath)
Ma-mine (Madeline)