Friday, June 20, 2014


Most days I'm tired; most days I get a little grouchy. Most days I am overwhelmed with how messy the house is. I struggle to stay on top of all the dishes, laundry, and putting away. Most days I'm frustrated with endless questions and multiple timeouts. But some days, it hits me; I am standing on sacred ground. This day is holy, right in the middle of the mess. 
Because everyday he calls me Mama. He runs to me with every triumph and every fall. I'm the one he turns to for the answers to all the whys. Because everyday she smiles and coos when she catches my eye. She looks to me for nourishment and comfort.
Then I realize that I'm doing it, I'm actually a Mother. I get to love and protect and teach these tiny humans for the short time they are in my care. 
Today he pronounced "orange" correctly, and I was filled with both pride and loss. I know that one day they will go further away than preschool and their grandmothers' houses. One day they won't need me every minute of every day. But today is not that day. 
Today I will cherish this glimpse of heaven... at least until he wakes up from nap. 

My messy beautiful:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Funny Emmet Stuff 4

A few of the things Emmet said between June 2013 and June 2014, since I have fallen behind on this!

During prayers - "What's crack-a-lackin, Jesus?"

Ginant = giant

If you ask him what something feels/tastes/looks like the answer is always "Bananas!"

"What time is it?"

Moona Pizza = Mona Lisa

E: Da pool be sticky!
M: It was sticky?
E: Nooooo, yike smell.
M: Oh, stinky!
E: Yes! Pool be stinky!

Emmy do it the self!

When concerned about having to share his trains with the baby, and I told him he didn't have to share his trains, "Right. Trains are private, Mama."

E: It's dark! Where did the outside light go?
D: You mean the sun?
E: Yes! Where da sun go, Dada?

The Cracker Room = the pantry

E: Hi Mommy!
M: Hi Emmy!
E: The name is EMMET, don't call me Emmy!

E: Mama, what is bellisimo?
M: It means beautiful
E: Oh. Tome (come) here Mama Boo-a-ful!

I robot, do you? (Tagline from the Roomba commercial)

Orange-en = orange

Mama, what's hibity bibity? Yike da hibity bibity spider?

Yes I don't!

I wove you, Mama. And I wove trees and broccoli and benches.

Wanna go benchin' wif me?

She's so wittle tiny!

I wove you, Wy-wa!

Lightsaver - lightsaber

Ba-zert - dessert

I can't eat dat goldfish. It make me go aaaaakkk!

M: What do you want to name your baby doll (that Zuzu got as a practice baby)?
E: Lukey
M: Lukey?
E: Yes, like Thor's brother!
M: Ohhh, Loki!
E: Yes! Loki!

He's been having a hard time falling asleep lately, and last night he asked Chad,
"Why wake-up morning so long?"

Man-a-cans = mannequins
Dodi and Bob-O's neighbor has a lifesize scarecrow in their carport that Emmet is fascinated with. At first he was scared:

E: Dodi, why does that man have a man-a-can in his garage?
Dodi: I don't know, scarecrows usually are on farms.
E: Yeah! Scarecrows should be in a field saying, "Shoo birdies and don't eat Emmet's strawberries!"
... I don't have to worry about that man-a-can do I?
Dodi: No honey, you don't.
E: (Sings) "Sayin don't worry - bout a thing. Cause every little thing, gonna be alright!"

He has overcome it and now isn't afraid to run up and touch it. He also had them make him a stuffed Bob-o-can and an Emmet-can.

3 Year Old Interview

1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

2. Favorite color?

3. Favorite TV show?
Gummi Bears

4. Favorite outfit/thing to wear?
"I like to wear trucks and cars!"

5. Favorite thing to play?
Build a train track

6. Favorite song?
Life is a Highway 
(which, in case you didn't know is sung by Lightning McQueen and Mac, not Rascal Flatts)

7. Favorite Cereal?
Chocolate Chex

8. Who is your best friend?
Ben and Carlyle

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"I want to..... get a toy!"
"Okay, but what do you want your job to be?"
"Umm... I want to go to work!"
"What kind of work?"
"Umm... mine!"
Chad and I count that as small business owner :)

10. What is your favorite book?
Time to Pee by Mo Willem
We are reading some potty training books - this was unfortunate timing.

11. What are you really good at?

12. Where would you like to go on a vacation?
"On an airplane."
"Ok. On an airplane to where?"
"An airport."

13. What is your best memory? The best thing that has happened to you?
A cookie (which he was eating at that moment)

14. What would you buy with $1000?
A toy

15. Favorite food?
A chocolate cupcake!

16. What do you dislike?

17. What do you think is scary?
"Snowmans... a big one" (the big snowman in Frozen)

The last few questions were a little harder and more serious (when were you brave? when were you kind? who loves you?, etc.) and all received the response, "peepee, poopoo, peepee." So I'd say we are right on schedule for having a preschool boy. 

Here is a video of some of the questions - we think he's pretty cute :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Emmet is three!

Cookies (and fruit) for breakfast and with his new Daniel Tiger trolley!

And I think this is just perfect - trying to sneak another cookie...

Dada took the day off, so the whole family took a trip to the Perot Museum!

The Birthday Boy had a fun time playing! 

Then we met Zuzu at Jinbeh!

Emmet loved the "fire show" and I was excited to share my favorite restaurant with him 

Remote control car from Dada 


Alli, Bob-O, Memaw and Dodi came over for dinner!

It was a fun day for our sweet three-year-old boy!