Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Post Nap Photo Fun

Lyla woke up from her nap with cute and curly bed-head, so I felt the need to snap a few pictures! But she was being so cute, I just kept going :)

Then she got mad I wouldn't let her play with the camera...

Her signature head tilt

These are my favorites!
"Touchdown Lyla!"

And then Brother woke up and joined in...

but only for a minute before his sillies kicked in :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lyla Update

Here's what our sweet Lyla girl is up to at 10 months! 
(FYI: This post is overdue, therefore very long) 

Weight: 16# 2oz (10th percentile)
Height: can't find this right now.... will update later
Teeth: 6 total - 4 on top, 2 on bottom

January 11, 2015
First United Methodist Church of Richardson

Dress: Barnes family heirloom
Bonnet: by Zuzu

Eats all the time:

This girl will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you put in front of her. When we were in Natchez, she sat in the high chair eating for probably 45 minutes. We all took shifts cutting up food for her. 

Her regulars/favorites: baby puff cereal, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, chicken, ham, turkey, bell peppers, squash, peas, carrots, pasta, broccoli, potatoes, brussel sprouts (these seem to be her least favorite), zucchini, eggs, bread, brother's leftovers and anything she can get her hands on - food or otherwise.

And she does eat gluten, but not very much. We started it at 9 months because we have to expose her to because 1.) we need to see if she has an adverse reaction over time and 2.) if she does not currently have Celiac symptoms, she will need to be able to digest gluten. We will probably do a Celiac screening panel in a few months. 

The Scavenger looking for the scraps she left behind...

Talking the talk:

Bru-ba (brother)
Ah-da (all done) and can sign
Ot (out, up or hot - not sure)
Das-das (dance, dance!)
Ba-ba (doesn't always use in context...)
Tha-tha (not sure what it means, but she says it a lot... maybe "that")
No "Mama" yet, but she does an m pop sound when she means Mama or more (as in food)
click here for Instagram video

Walking the walk:

Sister is up and cruising! She can stand by herself for a few seconds, although, if she isn't paying attention she will do it for half a minute or so. And just this weekend she used a push toy to walk around the room like a pro. Her first steps will come shortly, I'm sure, and then there will be no stopping this little adventurer! 

Girl's got skills:

She loves to wave now and does it all the time!
She is also a Dancing Queen! It's no wonder one of her first words is Dance Dance; this girl dances all the time - with or without music! 

Here's a video of her showcasing her skills:

Smiles for days:

Sick baby:

Lyla was sick over Christmas and then again at the end of January (RSV). Poor baby was hit hard both times and was not herself for two weeks or so each time. She fussed a lot, didn't sleep, hardly ate, and just laid with Mama a lot. We are so glad to have our happy and healthy girl back!

Adores Bru-ba:

Wearing capes and racing cars

Sitting with the big kids at brother's Valentine's Day party

Loves to ride in the cart with Brother!

On the trolley

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Playing Hard:

Nothing is safe from this little explorer / escape artist. She is capable of getting out of the tightest belt or buckle and regularly wiggles free in her high chair. 
On Wednesdays she is in the church nursery with a lot of toddler and preschool aged boys. The teachers always comment and laugh about how she gets right in there with them playing with toys. She is a tough little cookie :) 
Her favorite games are getting every toy off shelves or out of baskets and leaving them on the floor, "helping" Mama with the dishwasher, and pulling all of the plastic dishes and tupperware out of the cabinets. 

It is hard to imagine our family without our little Lyla Belle. We love and adore her so much!

Lyla @ 9 Months

I am hoping to do a big post about all that Lyla is into these days (hint: it's everything), but for now here are some pictures of our precious girl at 9 months old.

Pictures at the Arboretum in her fancy dress and bonnet (by Zuzu)

"What's this small speck I found on the ground? Who knows, but I will put it in my mouth anyway... seems like a good choice." - LKB