Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall Photos

I took a few pictures of the kids last week just because the weather was wonderful and they are growing up so fast! There are more pictures of Lyla because she can't run away like Emmet :)

We went to a park and walking trail near our house that had beautiful foliage!

Love these babies!

The Wizard of Oz

When I was three, I would act out the Wizard of Oz every day. I would play Dorothy and make my Mom play all of the other characters. Life has come full circle, because now Emmet is obsessed! He started out watching the Scarecrow - but now his favorite character is "The Green Witch!"

The Wicked Witch of Oz
Emmet Barnes
as "The Witch"
and introducing
Lyla Barnes
in her debut role as
"Dorothy Gale"

A BarnDoor Production 

And another version of the melting scene

Halloween 2014

Emmet and his class at their Halloween dance party
(he's fifth from left)

Our pumpkin girl!

Rosie the Riveter!
We Can Do It!

Lightning McQueen
(costume made by Mama)

Lyla had a costume change for warmth
A Cowboy and his baby cow

The trick-or-treat crew
Jasmine, cowboy, cow, Lightning McQueen and Abu the monkey!

Mama went as Rosie for trick-or-treating

Bob-O feeding the cow some milk