Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My sweet, smart and gentle little boy was possessed today for about five full minutes. Screaming at the top of his lungs, fist clenching - a full on tantrum. I called Daddy on speaker phone so he could be a part of the magic. Wow. He has thrown a few tantrums before, but this was a first. A coworker of mine (who happens to be a Psychologist) told me she thought her daughter, who is a few months younger than E, was having either a seizure or a psychotic break and was convinced they needed to go to the ER. I can now relate. He also hasn't been feeling great, so maybe that has something to do with it?! Looking forward to the terrible twos - ha!

In other 13 month old news, Emmet has discovered reading! For so long I was worried because he didn't seem to like reading AT ALL, and would just close the book on me. Well that has all changed, and as with most of life - be careful what you wish for. I just finished reading "Hello, Bugs!" for literally the seventh time in a row. 

Cute little stinker :) 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hanging out at home

Some silly pictures of Emmet over the weekend :)


Helping Daddy fill the watering can

Fun with a filter

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sad Face

"Hey Mom - are you taking my picture?"

"Can I touch the camera?" 


I know, I am mean. 
He was over it the next millisecond, though; I promise.

Friday, July 6, 2012

13 Months

Whatever Mama is eating at the time
LOVES BANANAS - he asks for them multiple times a day, "nana"
Peanut Butter
Anything, just about

All the words from here  
Hot (haaaaat)
This (dees?)
Night Night
Nino (Aunt Joni)
Knock Knock (nah-nah) 
Ding Dong (din non - Daddy taught him this...) 
Slide (da) 
Loud (dowd) 
Eat (says and signs) 
Tickle tickle (tittle tittle) 
Dog (Da) 
Mmmmm when something tastes good  

Loves To
Be scared - he absolutely loves it when we jump out and scare him, he squeals and laughs! 
Chase the roomba (which he figured how to turn on). 
Pet the horse. 
Destroy lego creations. 
Take stuff out of boxes, cupboards, bags, drawers, etc. 
Play Peek-a-Boo with you. 
Dance, the boy loves to dance and it is soooo funny!! 
He talks to himself all day, even laughs at his own jokes. 
He wants every cell phone in sight and even picks up cell phone-shaped objects and puts them to his ear. 
Throw things through the gate down the stairs.
Turn light switches on and off, on and off. 
Push buttons of all sorts.
Waves bye-bye.
Cleans by wiping things off with a cloth.
Pretend to go "night night".
Finally has started to like reading books.
Let you know when he "Poo poo"ed and grabs his diaper and/or clothes. Seriously?!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gaylord Phone Pics

Here are a few I took on my phone that I forgot to post...

Cousins watching trains

Cowboy on stilts

Wrasslin a Gator

Emmet and Uncle Alex (A-ye) wrasslin' a gator on our trip! 

Grab it by the tail...

Pick it up...

Belly side up...

And tada!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Barnes 'Cation

The week after the beach, Zuzu treated the whole Barnes/Garrity clan to a staycation at the Gaylord in Grapevine! Or, as Carlyle called it all weekend, we were "on 'cation". And yes, we know how blessed we are to have such wonderful families! 

Emmet and Daddy hanging out on our balcony

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Gaylord's water park

The excitement was too much, and after a few spins around the lazy river with Mama and Zuzu, Emmet was down for the count. Thankfully, Daddy and Uncle "Ay-e" made Emmet a nice tent.

Hanging out in our wonderful private cabana (a special treat courtesy of the Garritys!! Thanks again!)

The boys reading books in their matching outfits


Cute Cousins!!

Emmet LOVES to give Kisses, and Ben received quite a few through the weekend

On the phone, although it took a while to convince Emmet that this was a phone - he's never seen one like this before! And no worries, Zuzu wiped the whole thing down before the boys got their hands (mouths) on it.

When we didn't go to the waterpark, we still spent time at the wonderful pool in the hotel

Zuzu and her grandbabies

More kisses...

Dach and sweet Ben

Our view! Plus it was all air conditioned (but some of us thought it a little too cold!)

Carlyle got a new balloon animal every afternoon from the vendor they had

The final night with yummy Mexican food and "Beer-garitas"

More pics at DaLaliMama