Monday, January 27, 2014


Emmet started a Mom and Tot Gymnastics class in November at Richardson Gymnastics Center. 

And, of course, Aunt Allison couldn't wait to come and do gymnastics with her boy!

Butterfly stretch

Working on our forward roll!

Balance Beam

It was quite an adjustment for Emmet, as this was his first class of any type. But after just 2 months, he has made great strides in the listening to teacher, sitting on your spot, following directions, and waiting your turn front! 

Mommy/Son Date

Emmet and I had a fun, impromptu date back in early December after a "Baby Doctor" appointment. 

Here is Mr. GQ waiting for the trolley in Uptown

The trolley is his favorite thing, plus it's free! 

We hopped off at Kylde Warren Park where they had an "imagination playground" that they do weekly on Tuesdays for preschoolers!

Hard at work!

We topped it off with a gluten-free goodie at Tulu's Bakery, of course! 

I just love fun outings with my sweet boy! It's starting to dawn on me that this one-on-one time is rapidly expiring!