Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To Michigan We Go!

We spent the weekend in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan with some family to celebrate Uncle Richard's 70th Birthday! We had lovely weather and loved getting to spend time with people I love but don't get to see often. I don't think I've been to Michigan since age 17. 

Emmet and his second cousins, Jake (5) and Luke (2)
You're not really cousins until you've taken a bath together!

Greenfield Museum
Emmet loved the train! A real life steamy!

The boys learning about old fashioned sawmills, they were riveted :) 

Trains, trains and more trains!

Feeding Bob-O carrots and a dumptruck at lunch

With Bob-O and Dodi



Riding a train with Bob-O

Greenfield Village was really neat and full of sites like this:

Chad in the Wright Brother's home (moved from Ohio by Henry Ford)

Model T's driving all around! 

I turned my own brass candlestick!

Family Photo! (minus Christopher)

Playing in the backyard

Jake and Luke taught Emmet how to climb the rockwall

Climbing haystacks at the Cider Mill

Uncle Richard is so funny!

Jake was the Goat-Whisperer

The Barneses by a barn

It was such a wonderful weekend! Many thanks to our hosts - Sara and Joe and Uncle Richard and Aunt Cheryl. And so glad that Paka came out for a day!

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