Monday, November 29, 2010

Just PLUM excited about week 13!

We have reached the last week of the first trimester! Baby B is the size of a plum (or a shrimp, but I think shrimp are gross). We had our first visit with the Birth and Women's Center today, which is the birthing center we have decided to use ( I know that choosing a midwife and birthing center over a traditional ob/gyn and hospital may seem a little strange. It was important for Chad and I to have a birth with as little unnecessary medical intervention as possible. Not to get too granola on ya, but I feel like women have been doing this for centuries outside the hospital, so I can do it too! A dear friend of mine, Catherine, is in midwifery school and was the first to give me information about natural/midwife/non-hospital birth. She recommended a documentary called the Business of Being Born, and Chad and I really agreed with the principles shown in the film. I think every mom-to-be should watch it! More info at or you can borrow my copy! Don't let the Ricki Lake association throw you, it's really very well done :)

Basic update from our visit:

  • Heart rate of 163
  • January 6th - week 18 sonogram to find out the baby's GENDER!!
  • Baby Barnes has FINGERPRINTS!! Crazy!!
  • I have gained a whopping 1 1/2 lbs.
On a wedding note - we had a fabulous engagement party in Natchez this past weekend (I'll post pictures when I get them)! It was so fun to get to celebrate with Chad's "people" and I was touched that Mom, Dad, Memaw, Aunt Clarice, Tabatha and Emily were all able to come out to Natchez too! I am now in wedding planning mode because a lot has to get done in the next 4 weeks! 

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  1. woohoo for birth and women's! we'll let you know how our's goes :) i go there tomorrow so i will make sure to mention you to them. so excited for you two!