Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's in a name?

I have decided to do a post reveal of Baby Barnes's name... exciting, right?!

His name will legally be Conrad Clement Barnes, IV, which I am sure that most of you saw coming. Now the funny thing about all the CCBs is that none of them have gone by any part of that name - CC, Chee Chee, and Chad. We considered being original and calling him Conrad - but to me, that just didn't fit a little boy. He may very well go by Conrad as an adult, like Chad does in business/banking/insurance kinds of settings.

So down the nickname road we went! Much discussion went into this and we researched lots and lots of "C" names before we even knew he was a boy! The night after our gender sono I was laying in bed taking apart, shortening, and rearranging his full name to find some nickname that seemed fitting for our little guy. Then it came to me...


It is taken out of the end of Clement, with a spelling change. Once Chad and I had discussed it, we felt that it just clicked and was perfect for our son. It was amazing how easy it became once we found THE name. I love how old fashioned it is, but in a vintage kind of way :) Not to mention, he may feel some kinship with Emmitt Smith, especially since he is destined to be a Dallas Cowboy fan! And, the female version of Emmet is Emma - which is Aunt Allison's middle name!

So, that's the story and we can't wait for little Emmet Barnes to make his debut in a few months! Also, we are finally making some headway on the nursery! We have an assembled crib and custom bedding, thanks to Zuzu! And some wall art made by Mommy and some of his Aunties. Pictures coming soon!

Update 4-1-11: Daddy here. Sorry I am going making updates to old posts, but I just wanted to share a rough draft of the monogram I came up with for our little boy that will serve both his legal name (CCB) and his common name (EB). I hope I didn't inadvertently create my son's first ink. Regardless, I hope you're impressed.

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