Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!

We had a bustling Labor Day weekend! Emmet's social calendar filled up with TWO birthday parties! First up was Natalie's First Birthday - with a petting zoo and bounce house.

Emmet was not a fan of the petting...

But he LOVED the life-sized Elmo balloon

...and the birthday girl's cake...

...and the bounce house!

"Bouwce, bouwce"

Next up was Dalton's 3rd Birthday Party with DIRT and TRUCKS (which are his favorite things right now!)

"Dee Tra"

Playing with Shayne, or trying to steal her toy...

Learning to mow

The Birthday Boy and his CAAAAAAKKKKEEE!!!

On Labor Day we went over to Zuzu's for swimming and grilling and yummy dinner!

The Blue-eyed Babes

More truck playing

Chad manning the grill!

Carlyle and her Mommy swimming!




The Belly!

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