Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bye-Bye Gluten!

Oy vey, what a whirlwind of a stressful month it has been! From the initial symptom of no weight gain over 3 months to low appetite and energy to blood tests to specialists to more blood tests to an endoscopy... Emmet has Celiac Disease. I am so grateful for our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Yaeger, who was on top of Emmet's growth and our new GI specialist at Children's, Dr. Channa. I am also grateful for health insurance!
Chad and I of course never want our little guy to have any illness/condition/anything that he has to deal with for his whole life and might make him feel different sometimes. I doubt any parent would. But I am so thankful that it's just Celiac! He is so young, he won't even know the difference; there are so many gluten-free options out there these days; there is actually something productive that we can do to make him feel better; and this will make him a healthier guy over all! From all of this, my heart really goes out to parents whose children have harder things to fix.
So, Mrs. Positive over here is excited! Emmet is special with his very own special foods!

Gluten-free stash! They have everything- oatmeal, cookies, crackers, bread, pasta, baking mixes, etc. Yay for Whole Foods!

Super big THANKS to Aunt Andree for our new cookbook, too! There is even gluten-free gumbo in there!

Emmet Barnes, Gluten-Free Day ONE!
10/9/12, 16 months

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