Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why I Love October

Why I love the month of October... in no particular order... and much less eloquently than above:
  • The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race! We have gone every year since I met Chad. So fun!
  • Chad asked me to marry him
  • The birthdays of some of my favorite people: Tabatha, Uncle Alex, Carlyle, Moriah, Mattie, Jessica...
  • The State Fair of Texas
  • Halloween!
  • Fall weather... ahhh! We get a sneak peak in September, but October is so nice!
  • Boots with tights :)
  • Candy corn - which I eat whilst ignoring my husband's comments about how gross they are
  • I found out I was going to be a Mommy!
  • The Pumpkin Patch - I can't wait to take Emmet this year; I think he will get it a little more! I'm sure he will run all around yelling, "Mumpy!!" (which is what he calls pumpkins)
  •  Yellows and oranges and dark reds of nature
  • Comfort food like chili, potato soup, and pumpkin everything

Happy October to You!

*UPDATE - Memaw told me yesterday that she loves October as well because her first date with my Papaw was October 21, 1946 and they went to the fair!! I love that!! So add that to my list :)

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