Sunday, November 11, 2012

At 17 Months

At 17 months, Emmet...

  • Has 11 teeth, including 3 molars!! 5 of which have come in during the last 3 weeks, but the poor guy is taking it like a champ!
  • Is one month gluten free and it is really going well! He is gaining weight, losing the Buddha belly, and has more energy than we know what to do with. It has been wonderful to watch! He is back to his normal, into-everything self.
  • Says the funniest things and makes amazing associations between things. For example, when we wants to swing, he says windy, or "nindy" because it's windy while you swing! His word list is over 100 words and phrases now, and he is constantly amazing us! 
  • Is already in to potty humor... I am not sure where the phrases "bye-bye toot" and "Elmo poo-poo" came from, but once he saw me stifle a laugh, they have been on repeat ad nauseam!
  • Loves to point out everyone's eyes, eaws, NOse and mouth. The eye gouge can get dangerous.
  • Favorite things continue to be "oo-bee" and "dig tra" aka school buses and big trucks... or tractors or cars, and sometimes airplanes or helicopters. Any motorized vehicle will do. He even takes a car or bus to bed, along with a stuffed animal. Also, "The wheels on the bus" is sung approximately 20 times in our house daily and Emmet's accompanying hand motions are ADORABLE! I am trying to get it on video. 
  • Best buds are Elmo, Abby Cadabby and his rabbit. 
  • Still loves to read books!
  • Is still the sweetest, most wonderful little guy. 

  • The most recent pictures I have are from Halloween, so here ya go.

    Pushing his big truck from Zuzu

    Being a brave trick-or-treater. He didn't really get the whole thing. I think he just did it to humor Mama and Dada...

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