Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emmet's Big Exciting Day!

One Saturday last month we picked up Bob-O and Dodi (Gramy's new name by the way, hand picked by Emmet), and met Aunt A-yi at her work. Aunt A-yi works at Penske with the big yellow trucks... well, guess who happens to love BIG TRUCKS!? 

He was in big truck heaven. He smiled and laughed and danced the whole time he was "driving".

Seatbelts can be tricky.

Then we headed for the traditional Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch! 

Emmet was surrounded by mumbys and ran and ran and played!

Daddy is so funny!

Emmet loves loves loves his Bob-O and Dodi and I think they are pretty crazy about him too :)


Hayride behind a "dat-dor" (or tractor for you non-Emmet speakers) with Mama and Dodi. He smiled the whole time!

I am not kidding that when we got home he fell asleep for FIVE hours, woke up, ate dinner at 11 pm and went back to bed until 8 am. We wore him out! 

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