Saturday, May 11, 2013

Roomba Love

Like all true loves, it started off a little timid and shy...

But soon it blossomed into full-fledged adoration. However, Emmet would turn the Roomba on and off and alligator wrestle it, so the real Roomba went into hiding. This did not stop the obsession, however. Emmet found a "Roomba" in anything circle shaped. Almost daily I say the sentence, "You don't mean Roomba, you mean circle." We did break down and buy a $15 knock-off version, which he promptly broke. He still plays with it, though.

Now, Emmet and his Roombas go everywhere and do everything together from

to Dinner Time


At the Park

To Easter Service

On a Train

Or in the Rain

He also is able to locate within minutes Roombas at Zuzu's house or at Aunt Lali's. Lali was able to hide the Roomba from her own kids for several weeks; Emmet found it in 15 minutes.

Dodi and Bob-O have enabled the Roomba addiction, so he has several at their house.

It's not JUST the Roomba that he is enamored with, he also loves the charger and the box it came in.

I have even made up a Roomba song (to the tune of Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel)
Roomba, Roomba, Roomba - you spin round and round.
Roomba Roomba Roomba - you clean dirt off the ground!

I love this funny little quirk about our Emmet, and I am confident the love will continue. Roombas will be cleaning and charging all over our house for awhile still.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship:

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