Saturday, July 13, 2013


We drove down to Houston to see my cousin, Haley, get married June 15! It was a sweet wedding!

I can't seem to find all the pictures I took of the wedding and reception. I'll post more when I find them!

Alli, Chad and I went to get some Mexican Food - it was a fun hang out!

Memaw and Emmet

I told Emmet to stop picking his nose, and Bob-O said, "You can pick mine." 
And he did. 

Us with the beautiful Mrs. St. John! 

Emmet danced with Haley and that's all he talked about!

Mr. Cool

An attempt to get Memaw and all 4 of her great grandchildren in a picture.
Left to Right
Grady (almost 3), Addelyn (1 month), Jack (4), Emmet (2)

He was great on the road trip to and from!

We stopped at Buc-ees! Emmet loved him!
He also made Alli and I sing the Beaver Song from camp over and over and over :) 

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