Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We headed off to New Orleans this past weekend for the stunning Cosse/Walsh wedding!

Emmet was very excited to "ride da a-pane!!" 

Reading the safety manual with Amy!

We made it! On to lunch at the Palace Cafe

Where we met up with the Garritys!

Rehearsal Dinner at Bourbon House! Yum! 

Emmet loves cousin Amy! 

The Aquarium!

And, of course, Mr. Transportation just had to ride the street car!

I heard the ceremony was lovely, but the boys and I spent it out in the gardens! 

I just adore these two. They are going to be best buds!

All weekend Zuzu had her "triplets" in adorable matching outfits! 
They weren't too thrilled with photo-taking (as you can see!) 

Mr. Happy

Taking a break to dance to the music!

Emmet gave Uncle Alex some competition for Tracey's affection :) 

Cuttin' a rug! The band was so great and Emmet had so much fun out there!

Emmet just loves Uncle "Dudin"- he gets first billing these days!

Silly Faces!

Ben was mesmerized by the band and the ladies in sparkly dresses!

An original sazerac and gin fizz!

Mimosa with brunch - that's how we roll.
(It's watered down OJ)

All smiles on the plane ride home... at first.

It was an absolutely fabulous time! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures - it was the most gorgeous wedding ever! 

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