Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2013!

Pumpkin carving with Daddy

Thing 1, Lalaloopsy, Thing 2
in different versions of "cheese"

Dodi and Thing 1

Zuzu and the babes

We decided to go for it and spray the boys' hair blue!

Things 1 and 2! Cutest boys ever!!

Off to trick-or-treat with our crew:
Three kiddos, the parents, Zuzu, Dodi, Allison and Amy!

Emmet wanted to stop after each house and eat the candy.
"Open dis, pweese, Mama"

Getting the hang of the trick-or-treating

Sitting down to gnaw on some candy through the wrappers - silly boys

Exciting moment of the night - a police man stopped and talked to the boys and showed them his lights and siren.

They were mesmerized...

A lollipop and a glow stick (light saber to E) and he's a happy boy.
We then returned to the Garritys' house for a yummy dinner a la Chef Justin!

Happy Halloween!

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