Saturday, November 9, 2013

Roomba Dance

The Roomba Love continues. Yesterday, Emmet spent the entire morning looking for the Roomba. At one point he asked, "Mama, show you som-ping?" took my hand and brought me into the office. Then he said, "Hold you" so I picked him up. Then I realized the whole thing was a scheme so he'd be able to look on top of a cabinet for the Roomba. By nap time he had figured that it must be behind one of the two locked closets in our house (it was) and begged me to unlock them. So after nap the Roomba magically appeared downstairs and he has played with it every moment since. I'm going to try giving him full Roomba access and see how long the obsession continues!

He was docking it over and over again last night and every time he did this excited little dance, which I found hilarious!!

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