Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life with Lyla

Just a bit of what we have been up to during Lyla's first month!

Lyla and her big brother, Thor

Playing in the backyard

and at the Park!

I had to get a picture of her in the UT Southwestern shirt they gave her at the hospital, since she is a true UTSW baby :)

Carlyle's dance recital (and post-recital fro yo!)

Taking a lot of pictures of this sleeping babe

And playing dress up!

Backyard fun with the cousins!

The Perot Museum!

Emmet is into the movie Ratatouille right now, so he has been whipping up some food in his kitchen! 

Swimming at Zuzu's

Mama and Dada got out for a date!
A belated birthday dinner for Chad, since we were a little busy on his birthday this year :)

 Dada snuggles :)

An itty bitty purple bow - I didn't realize how adorable this would be!

Popcorn and a movie on a rainy afternoon
(after hunkering down in the bathroom because of tornado sirens - scary)

Big brother giving sister a bottle! He was so proud to help!

Reading to sister on a blanket in the backyard


Getting handprints made (thanks Garritys!)
A woman who works there took these pictures because she was so pleased to see a baby in a gown - Zuzu would be proud!

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