Sunday, May 11, 2014

Welcoming Lyla - Part 2

Meeting her family!

Lyla is so blessed to have the most beautiful Aunts - in both appearance and spirit! 

Same goes for her non-biological Aunties!

Emmet was so excited to meet his sister! He ran in, jumped up on the bed and went for a big kiss! And he talks to her in the sweetest, high-pitched voice!

Some of our beloved (former) co-workers, ran over on Monday for some fresh baby snuggles! 
It is such a pleasure to love the people you work with!
(Hi Margaret - I know you'll read this, and ha! we got a picture of you :) )

I love how tiny she looks in Dada's arms!

Getting ready to go home!

Getting pictures of her in her going-home outfit from Zuzu in her new room!

He loves her so much! It just melts my heart!

Memaw holding her sixth great-grandchild!

Aunt Amy was there for the birth of both Emmet and Lyla!

And we were so glad that Paka flew in just in time for Lyla's birth! Literally, she made it about an hour before!
Bob-O and Emmet with their sisters!

And a big shout-out to Uncle Justin who had Emmet, Carlyle and Ben all day so Zuzu and Lali could be at the hospital with us! 
(sorry about the phone pic in dim lighting)

A visit at home from Auntie Em!

I think it's safe to say that Lyla is one loved little girl!

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