Friday, October 24, 2014

Balloon Race 2014

I love that we have gone to Balloon Race every year since we started dating and I love that Emmet gets more into it every year and I love that Lyla got to go for the first time and I love that my friends came to Natchez too! I know that was a run-on, but there's lots to love!

First night walk to the bluff!

Showing Lyla the Mississippi!

Morning walk to Natchez Coffee!

Babydoll Lyla!

Balloon Glow!

Seeing friends!
Lyla (6 mos) and Brian III (4 mos)
They are now betrothed :)

 Emmet (3 yrs) and Crawford (1.5 yrs)

Rowe (6 mos) and Lyla (6 mos) - they are 11 days apart!

Reene (3 yrs) and Emmet (3 yrs)

Just like college, right guys? Except for the diaper changes and baby-wearing

Matt, Tab, Brad, Chad (all 30 something), Emily, Shauna (both 20 something... ok 29) ;)

Natchez getting a little show-offy with it's sunset

Festival Fun

He rode this red car approximately 30 times

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