Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lyla 6 Months!

Baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday - I can't believe it! She continues to be just an absolute joy. She is all smiles all the time - except yesterday when we had family photos taken :)

15.3 pounds (40%)
26 inches long (75%)
43.4 cm head circumference (75%)

Says: "ba-ba" "ga-ga" blows bubbles and "talks" a lot. Laughs at certain sounds and faces - she will laugh at Mama and Dada, but Big Brother is her favorite comedian!

Is captivated by: brother or Daddy if they are in the room, ceiling fans and lights, and the TV (we don't actually let her watch, but since she was teeny tiny she would crane her neck to see).

Playtime: loves her bouncy play seat, squeaky/rattle toys, all of brother's things, and anything she shouldn't have like cords and phones and shoes.

Dislikes: not being able to reach a toy she wants or not being able to get it to do what she wants, Mama leaving the room, Dada sneezing or yelling at the TV during football.

Moves: rolls, wiggles, army crawls, does the worm, pretty much anything she can think to do to get from A to B. I swear she is going to crawl any day now. She can sort of get up on all fours, but doesn't have the muscle strength to hold it for long. She's also sitting up!

Eats: quinoa cereal, avocado and pumpkin! She's not quite sure about the whole eating thing, but we will practice more now that she is 6 mos.

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