Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Number 1 of...13?!?

I just love this! Here is part of an article from The Natchez Democrat in October 2000:

Trinity Episcopal School 12th-graders joined senior citizens from the Natchez Senior Citizen Center Friday for a "Seniors Helping Seniors" day...
The Trinity seniors listened almost reverently as one woman, 90, recalled her "best moment" to be quitting school to help raise her 14 brothers and sisters. But it wasn't all serious. Chad Barnes, wearing his football jersey for the night's game, said his plan for the future was simply "to marry a beautiful woman and have lots of kids."
"We've got to give this young man a hand," Carrie Myles said as she reached to pat Barnes'(s) hand. "He's the only one who said he wanted to have, what was it? Nine or ten babies?"
"Baker's dozen," Barnes said as the room erupted in laughter...

Here's hoping he'll settle for a couple less :)

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  1. Haha, I remember this! Well he got the beautiful woman part down!