Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 32!

Hey - hey! Sorry about the lack of blogging lately; there hasn't been much to report. Here's a belly update. I must have gotten a lot bigger last week based on all the comments I got to that effect :) As Chad so lovingly says, "You look big! a good way!"

Life has been grand around here lately - complete with some wonderful Texas weather! Here's an update for ya...

Time left: 8 weeks!! Emmet will be here before we know it!!

Mom's size: 21 pounds so far- which is pretty ideal at this stage. Still feeling great!

Baby's size: Emmet's fundal height has been exactly on point for all of our visits - so he's growing on track! According to the baby websites, he should weigh 3.75 pounds and measure 16.7 inches long.

Movement: He is always squirming in there! It feels different now that he has less room (a little more uncomfortable), but we are so glad he is healthy and active!

Nursery: Still in progress! We got so many of the things we needed at the shower, though! We need to acquire a few more pieces of furniture and hang some things on the walls and we'll be close!

Closet: Ever growing! E has some really cute clothes so far, it's been fun :)

Buddies: It seems like every week we find out about another baby is expected in 2011! Emmet is going to have so many sweet friends to play with! Congrats to the Slovers and Baumers on the arrivals of their sweet girls in the last few weeks!!

Daddy Chad: Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby tomorrow! My life has been so much better since he came into it <3

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