Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To da Beach!

We were lucky lucky to get a whole week in Pensacola (thanks to Gramy!) and Emmet had a great first beach experience... although he would prefer there to be less sand and a dimmer sun. These are just a few of the pictures, I will be posting more here and there, I am sure. 

A beautiful view!

Gramy showed Emmet lots of shells!

Silly Aunt "Ai-yi"

Tiny footprints in the sand

Lounging Daddy

Doing some light reading

Pool time with Dada! I think this was his favorite!

The cutest little boy God ever made!


Sharing his hush-puppy with Bob-O, who politely declined.

The Barnes Family

Not a fan of sand.

Our group (three Barneses, Gramy, Bob-O, Ai-yi, Memaw) plus two friends (Sandra, my mom's friend from nursing school and her granddaughter, Taylor)! So nice!

Emmet got a lot of golf experience between swinging the club, watching the US Open and golf lessons from Bob-O!

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