Friday, July 6, 2012

13 Months

Whatever Mama is eating at the time
LOVES BANANAS - he asks for them multiple times a day, "nana"
Peanut Butter
Anything, just about

All the words from here  
Hot (haaaaat)
This (dees?)
Night Night
Nino (Aunt Joni)
Knock Knock (nah-nah) 
Ding Dong (din non - Daddy taught him this...) 
Slide (da) 
Loud (dowd) 
Eat (says and signs) 
Tickle tickle (tittle tittle) 
Dog (Da) 
Mmmmm when something tastes good  

Loves To
Be scared - he absolutely loves it when we jump out and scare him, he squeals and laughs! 
Chase the roomba (which he figured how to turn on). 
Pet the horse. 
Destroy lego creations. 
Take stuff out of boxes, cupboards, bags, drawers, etc. 
Play Peek-a-Boo with you. 
Dance, the boy loves to dance and it is soooo funny!! 
He talks to himself all day, even laughs at his own jokes. 
He wants every cell phone in sight and even picks up cell phone-shaped objects and puts them to his ear. 
Throw things through the gate down the stairs.
Turn light switches on and off, on and off. 
Push buttons of all sorts.
Waves bye-bye.
Cleans by wiping things off with a cloth.
Pretend to go "night night".
Finally has started to like reading books.
Let you know when he "Poo poo"ed and grabs his diaper and/or clothes. Seriously?!

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