Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Funny Emmet Stuff

I just wanted to share some of the funny things Emmet is doing and saying these days:
  • When he gives me a big hug he says, "Ooooohhhhh Mama" or "Oooooohhhh Baby". I realized that is what I say to him when I give him a good hug! And now he does it to me, dada or the cat, "ooooohhh ditty dat". It is so sweet!
  •  Dodi started asking him, "Whose baby are you?" and he says, "Mama Baby!" or " Dada Baby!"
  • He says, "Night night baby" to babies we see asleep at the store.
  • This week, he has been going through a biting stage and has attempted to bite me a few times. He tried to bite Dada tonight and after being told no looked at us, shook his head in agreement and said, "No eat Dada". 
  • Loves to brush his teeth! "bruhss" If he sees Chad or me brushing our teeth he wants us to get his toothbrush so he can do it with us!
  • Has been being extra silly in the mirror after bath time - making faces, practicing his smiles, kissing himself. 

"I want the truth!"

This is how the Jedis brush their teeth, Mom - no hands! 
And yes, my son has a light up lightsaber toothbrush. Guess who bought it...

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