Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre-Christmas Fun!

Pre-Christmas Adventures included:

A trip to Santa's Village here in Richardson with Zuzu and the Garritys

Going to see Santa:

This is my sweet friend Hillary with her Jordan and Hayden. Jordan thought that listening to Santa Storytime was way more important that looking at me while I took a picture! 

Sadly, Emmet slept through storytime...

Sidenote: Hillary and I have been friends forever. Our moms were nurses together before we were born, and once we arrived they took opposite shifts so they could keep the other's girl while she worked. So we grew up together and have remained good friends, though on and off about regularly seeing each other. Lately we have been seeing each other a lot and it has been so fun to reconnect and watch our kids play together! Here are our families getting together last month: 

Anyway, back to Santa...
Emmet and Jordan loved him... Hayden not so much :) 

We also rode a train in the neighborhood next to ours and Emmet loved it! 

Christmas cookie baking with Alli

Emmet's first Christmas cookie experience! Gluten-free of course! 

Allison's decorations...


And it wouldn't feel like Christmas without a little temper tantrum, ha! 

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