Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Emmet's Birthday Party!

We had Emmet's party over Memorial Day weekend. It was simple, at a park, with just a few other kids, some toddler snacks and cake. I was aiming for the Birthday Boy's favorite things and it was a hit! He is still talking about his "birpday pawty". 

My boys in yellow trying to avoid the mud

3/4 of the David Sisters were there! Emmet was thrilled!

The toddler snack boxes were a hit: fruit snacks, pirate booty, crackers, chocolate chex and chocolate milk. I think all the fruit snacks were gone in two minutes!

Ben and Emmet chasing the kite Uncle Justin is flying!

I love those boys and I love this picture! They are both so happy and full of life!

Ben and "Dusdin" having a snack

Shayne Papit!

The point of the whole park party - the Big Slide!

Emmet and Memaw!

Singing the Birthday Song was my favorite part of the whole day. 

He started off a little unsure of what was happening... 

Looked at me for the ok...

And then soaked in that all the people he loves were singing to him on his special day!

After he blew out the candle, he handed it back to me and said, "More!"
He has talked about that moment every day since.
"Evewy body sing happy birpday to Emmet at Emmet's Birpday Party!!"
He even does his own rendition sometimes.

Next came the stuffing of the faces :) 

Mama and her Boy

Kisses for Dada

Work Friends!

Four of the party guests (Ben, Natalie, Helena and Shayne) were born 3-5 months after Emmet, so I was pregnant with all of their mommies!

Auntie Em

Four Generations

Attempts at a David/Barnes/Garrity shot... it is getting trickier.

Squirrel spotting with Bob-O

Bob-O and Dodi love!

It was quite a day! More to come of our Birthday Adventures!

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