Sunday, June 8, 2014

Funny Emmet Stuff 4

A few of the things Emmet said between June 2013 and June 2014, since I have fallen behind on this!

During prayers - "What's crack-a-lackin, Jesus?"

Ginant = giant

If you ask him what something feels/tastes/looks like the answer is always "Bananas!"

"What time is it?"

Moona Pizza = Mona Lisa

E: Da pool be sticky!
M: It was sticky?
E: Nooooo, yike smell.
M: Oh, stinky!
E: Yes! Pool be stinky!

Emmy do it the self!

When concerned about having to share his trains with the baby, and I told him he didn't have to share his trains, "Right. Trains are private, Mama."

E: It's dark! Where did the outside light go?
D: You mean the sun?
E: Yes! Where da sun go, Dada?

The Cracker Room = the pantry

E: Hi Mommy!
M: Hi Emmy!
E: The name is EMMET, don't call me Emmy!

E: Mama, what is bellisimo?
M: It means beautiful
E: Oh. Tome (come) here Mama Boo-a-ful!

I robot, do you? (Tagline from the Roomba commercial)

Orange-en = orange

Mama, what's hibity bibity? Yike da hibity bibity spider?

Yes I don't!

I wove you, Mama. And I wove trees and broccoli and benches.

Wanna go benchin' wif me?

She's so wittle tiny!

I wove you, Wy-wa!

Lightsaver - lightsaber

Ba-zert - dessert

I can't eat dat goldfish. It make me go aaaaakkk!

M: What do you want to name your baby doll (that Zuzu got as a practice baby)?
E: Lukey
M: Lukey?
E: Yes, like Thor's brother!
M: Ohhh, Loki!
E: Yes! Loki!

He's been having a hard time falling asleep lately, and last night he asked Chad,
"Why wake-up morning so long?"

Man-a-cans = mannequins
Dodi and Bob-O's neighbor has a lifesize scarecrow in their carport that Emmet is fascinated with. At first he was scared:

E: Dodi, why does that man have a man-a-can in his garage?
Dodi: I don't know, scarecrows usually are on farms.
E: Yeah! Scarecrows should be in a field saying, "Shoo birdies and don't eat Emmet's strawberries!"
... I don't have to worry about that man-a-can do I?
Dodi: No honey, you don't.
E: (Sings) "Sayin don't worry - bout a thing. Cause every little thing, gonna be alright!"

He has overcome it and now isn't afraid to run up and touch it. He also had them make him a stuffed Bob-o-can and an Emmet-can.

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  1. This is great! I need to write down all the funny stuff Avery says!