Friday, June 20, 2014


Most days I'm tired; most days I get a little grouchy. Most days I am overwhelmed with how messy the house is. I struggle to stay on top of all the dishes, laundry, and putting away. Most days I'm frustrated with endless questions and multiple timeouts. But some days, it hits me; I am standing on sacred ground. This day is holy, right in the middle of the mess. 
Because everyday he calls me Mama. He runs to me with every triumph and every fall. I'm the one he turns to for the answers to all the whys. Because everyday she smiles and coos when she catches my eye. She looks to me for nourishment and comfort.
Then I realize that I'm doing it, I'm actually a Mother. I get to love and protect and teach these tiny humans for the short time they are in my care. 
Today he pronounced "orange" correctly, and I was filled with both pride and loss. I know that one day they will go further away than preschool and their grandmothers' houses. One day they won't need me every minute of every day. But today is not that day. 
Today I will cherish this glimpse of heaven... at least until he wakes up from nap. 

My messy beautiful:


  1. Girl this was so beautifully said. I feel this exact way almost everyday....overwhelmed yet I intentionally try to find the joy in the mess. I think....God allowed me to have 2 healthy pregnancies and 2 healthy babies and for that alone I should rejoice every minute of everyday. The beautiful mess is a blessing....thanks for posting a pic of the beautiful mess...I think I will too on my blog (that I have neglected since February) Hope you and the gorgeous family are doing well! - Shan jex