Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice-apalooza 2011

Howdy from the snowy (aka cold and icy) DFW! Here is the view from our new apartment building:

Us Texans love to freak out as the temperature nears 32 degrees and this time was no exception! It's actually pretty icy this time from the rain last night, and we have seen a lot of cars spin out in the street in front of our apartment. Chad and I have stayed safe and warm, but we did go out and play for a bit! I am currently 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant! This boy is getting bigger and its starting to show :)

Now, don't judge me, but...

In my defense, I couldn't have fallen and I was not about to run into a car - Chad is just a little overprotective these days :) And also, it was really fun! We had a good time for about 10 minutes and then had to go inside because it was beyond FREEZING!!! Seriously - it was 18 degrees!!!

We will have an update from our baby appointment next Monday - but according to the books/websites BBB is about 11 inches and 1 pound!

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