Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Term and Counting Down!

We made it to full term! I was allowed off of bed-rest on Monday and have gone back to work for now. Our boy is still growing and Mommy feels bigger every day! E is probably in the mid 6 pound range - and judging by his head on my pelvis and his feet in my ribs - he is running out of room in there! Our official due date is still three weeks away, but with our preterm labor scare, he could be here very soon!

Now we wait.

We feel as ready as can be and all my lists have been pretty much taken care of. We are trying to not get too excited, but I think that's a lost cause :) He could trick us all and not come for weeks, and the idea of that is driving me insane! But we want him to come out fully baked, so he will come when he comes. For now, we will sit on pins and needles diagnosing each Braxton Hicks contraction, awaiting those first signs of labor!

And our wonderful co-workers rescheduled the shower they had to cancel due to my bed-rest for this past Monday. We had a yummy breakfast shower and Emmet got more sweet gifts! Chad and I are so lucky to work with people who are so excited and supportive of us!


  1. Can't wait Shauna! Let us know if you need anything!

  2. i didn't go into labor until after my water broke...you just never can tell. i did however feel REALLY large that day. it was such a relief when my water did brake. i am so thrilled you guys made it full term! so excited to meet your cute baby boy!