Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Not-a-Mother Day!

Well, this has been a most interesting week! Monday marked week 35 for me and baby E, Tuesday I was more hormonal than usual and started have sharp, shooting pain in my lower back, Wednesday I had lower abdominal cramping and Thursday I was put on bed-rest. Apparently my body is trying to go in to preterm labor, complete with 1 cm dilated and softened cervix and it is way too early for that! Chad and I thought the symptoms I was having were normal for the end of pregnancy, but he suggested I call our midwife just in case. And he was right! She said if I had written it off and not called I would have probably had a premature baby. I must lay flat until we reach full term (37 weeks) on May 16th so Emmet's lungs have time to fully develop. After that I can get off the couch and return to work, although she predicts I will probably go in to labor shortly thereafter! So we are using the next week and a half to finish our preparations - we thought we had 5 weeks! It drives me nuts, of course, that I can't help with ANY of the shopping and nursery set-up, but everyone has so kindly offered so much assistance! We are very grateful for our family and friends! I can already tell you that I am going to be stir crazy, so get ready for some serious blogging :) But the best news of all - we will get to meet our little man in a few short weeks!! I can't wait to see his sweet face!!

While I am trying hard NOT to be a mother this Mother's Day, I am blessed to know some phenomenal Mommas - and I hope you all feel celebrated this Sunday! And, of course, a special thanks to my Mom, who is already helping me out while I'm on bed-rest! I love you!

Mom, Allison and Me, November 24, 1987

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