Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Imminent Emmet

We are still waiting on our little guy to arrive, but he seems to be pretty comfy in there :) I bet he thinks he is so funny for tricking us all into thinking he was on his way! Being "on alert" is getting a little exhausting. Chad and I are trying to take everyone's advice and RELAX and enjoy the last few days (or weeks, Lord help me) of just the two of us. So today we had a picnic lunch at a local park and we found a nice secluded area to enjoy nature and each other's company! It was wonderful!

Also, we snapped a quick picture at Lauren's birthday dinner in the middle of the tornado, hail, and thunderstorms that rained down on Dallas this week. Emmet and Baby Boy Garrity will just be a few months apart! Yay Cousins!!!

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