Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update on Baby Sister

I have not been great on recording this pregnancy, but here's where we are:

31 weeks along! Only two months to go!

Baby Girl is quite a kicker, flipper, dancer - she is always on the move! I'm so glad for these constant reminders she's active and healthy, even if it does hurt from time to time.

Emmet is the sweetest Big Brother! He hugs and kisses my belly and tells his sister he loves her! He even tried to share toys with her, but I don't think that'll last long when she's here in the flesh.

I absolutely love our doctor. We switched OBs a few months into this pregnancy to take advantage of some benefits we get as employees, and I'm so glad we did. Plus the hospital is very "baby friendly" so we are still planning on as natural an experience as we can get.

The nursery has been painted (gray and PURPLE, of course!!), some furniture moved in and some decor ready for the walls, but still some work to do.

I've had the beginnings of nesting, which has resulted in some home organizing, a few craft projects and, of course, epic list making.

The only fear I have in regard to delivery is getting to the hospital on time. My labor with Emmet was five and a half hours and the second one is supposed to come quicker. If you see a news article in the next few months called, "Dallas woman delivers baby on 75" it's probably about me.

Overall, I am feeling pretty great! Here's a belly pic of our growing girl in front of her purple wall (although the lighting isn't the best)!

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