Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

A Christmas post is better two months late than never, right?! And some of these pictures aren't the best. My computer has a virus, which Chad is working on, but I don't have access to all of my photo editing stuff. 

So, funny story about our Christmas tree: I accidentally used all the strands of lights on the bottom third of the tree, so we had to buy more and ended up with 1800 lights on our 7 foot tree. This is just a phone picture, but it was very bright and magical!

Seeing Santa!

I love how Emmet had a nice little chat with Santa again this year. He is in awe when he sees him and gets a quiet reverence, which we rarely see in him! 

My favorite Christmas moment with Emmet so far came this Christmas, when we made cookies together! He was so excited and really wanted to do it with me! 

Taste testing our creation!

Alex came in town, so we went to an "adults only" dinner at True Food with some Dallas sights, aka the cupcake atm and Highland Park Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve

Emmet's new kitchen from Zuzu that Dada and Uncle Alex put together into the wee hours of the morning.

Mama and Baby Sister at 25 weeks!

Post dinner poppers with toys, paper crowns and trivia!

Putting together the karaoke machine from Amy! The singing, dancing, and noisy chaos that ensued is caught on video, but not posted to protect the guilty :) 

But let's just say, the Barnes Family can karaoke, all generations!

Santa came and brought Emmet a Lightning McQueen, Mac and Mater, which he loves! Opening presents took all morning because he played with each gift for 20 minutes.

Photos from Christmas Day to come- there aren't many/ good ones because Emmet is passionately against me taking his picture. 

So, Christmas night I got the flu, so I was in bed the next three days, I must have been on the naughty list.

So we celebrated with my family later that week, they kindly came over so all I had to do was come downstairs. 

Merry Christmas!

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