Wednesday, February 19, 2014

33 weeks and 70 degrees

Baby girl is a mere 7 weeks (give or take) away!

I posted this yesterday - Emmet and my shadow - with the caption
"33 weeks and 2 years 8 months"
I am so thankful for theses two little blessings :)

At 33 weeks, baby girl (who does have a name - I may post it later) is:
  •  roughly 17 inches long
  • about 4 pounds and  is quickly packing on the weight, so my belly is ever-expanding!
  • Still as active as ever

And Mama is:
  • Feeling pretty good
  • Having Braxton Hicks contractions, some of which really hurt!
  • Couldn't get my wedding ring on this morning and some of my shoes don't fit
  • Chipping away at my To Do lists - we are almost ready and the nursery is almost finished!

Look! Pink laundry!!
Baby Girl had a lovely tea/shower at the Dallas Arboretum on Sunday and got some cute outfits and sweet pink blankets and other gear. It was so fun to get girly around our house :) 
And as her Dada said, "Those are the sweetest clothes I have ever seen - I can't even handle it!"

In other news, it has been in the 70's and even 80's for the past week or so. And it has been GLORIOUS! God Bless Texas!
So we have been taking many trips to the park

And doing some outdoor fingerpainting

And some water play! Yes, that is my child naked, outside in February...

And here is Emmet watching his current favorite TV show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's a really cute show that is made by the Mr. Rogers company. 
Also, I got the bumbo and some baby toys out when Sarah and Ryker (5mos) came to visit. Emmet has taken to them, as you can see.

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