Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

In case you were misinformed, Valentine's Day is actually an extension of my birthday. February 13th just wasn't enough day to hold it all, so my birthday also rolls over to the 14th when everyone can celebrate love and chocolate and pink, purple and red, and flowers! So, I hope you are having a great Shauna's Birthday Part 2!

A picture from our trip to Austin last fall, but I love it!

Making and eating Valentine's cupcakes

Me and my Valentines before dinner last night!

Emmet's Valentine to me

Around our house

Me: Do you want to get anything else for Dada for Valentine's Day while we're at the store?
E: Yes, cheese. Cheese... And pirate booty... and kombucha! 

So that's what we got him. And please notice the bite Emmet took out of the cheese.

Our baby sister countdown - 8 weeks to go!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Spiderman

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