Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Family Fun Day!

We had a fun Mama, Dada, Emmet Day before Sister comes!
First we had a quick stop at Mama's "Baby Doctor", then it was off to (gluten free) brunch at Kozy Kitchen!

"Dada, take a picture of my pancakes!" said the boy who NEVER wants his picture taken.

Then to the Dallas Museum of Art

Emmet liked looking at all of the paintings and the statues, but double checked with me about every statue, "Not gonna get me, right, Mama?"

Emmet played at this waterfall for probably and hour. He would get his toes right over the edge to make us nervous and then he would throw leaves in it. He wanted to jump in so badly, but thankfully we all left dry.

Off to Tulu's Bakery for a treat where Mama bribed him for a sweet picture - success!
How cute is he?!? Ah, I just love this little man :) 

Chatting with Dada

Then we caught the trolley for a very crowded ride around town.

Too much excitement + no nap = passed out boy on a trolley

It is very surreal to think this may be one of our last outings as a family of three. We are all getting ready to meet sister, though!

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  1. Such beautiful treasures of memories sweet daughter. Emmet is so darn cute!