Wednesday, March 26, 2014

January Breckenridge Trip!

An overdue post about our fun trip with Zuzu and Uncle Alex to Breckenridge back in January!

All decked out in our snow gear!

Throwing snowballs with Zuzu!

Walking in snow clothes is hard work - rest where you can!

Hot chocolate for the weary...

Emmet loved the snow, he couldn't get enough! He tried to make snowballs from every pile of snow we saw

In town

Making new friends

Jacuzzi tub + bubbles = epic bathtimes!

There was a children's museum next door!

Visiting the ice castle was really cool (and really cold)!

Dada and Uncle Alex spent three of the days out on the mountain!
We rode the gondola and met Dada for lunch one day at Peak 8. It was the highest elevation that Emmet went to and we could tell it affected him, see Exhibit 1:

Taking in the scenery

A cold walk to dinner!

Sledding fun!

Zuzu's turn!

Mama was there too and even went for a little (slow) ride! I went sledding when it iced while 5 months pregnant with Emmet, so why not this time?

Chad and I are on our date night out!

Helping Uncle Alex get ready to head out!

 More snowballs with Dada!

And thankful for some indoor entertainment as well :) 
Diego on the Kindle

And penguin bowling from our Kiwi Crate from the Garritys!

It was a fun trip - Emmet and I had never been to Breck during winter, so it was so neat to see all the snow. It also made us all thankful we don't live in it (minus Alex) and have to dress up the littles in all that gear everyday!

Thanks for a great trip, Zuzu!

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