Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kick-start to the New Year!!

We felt the baby kick!!! It was after midnight Monday am and I was lying in bed reading. I kept feeling little thumps, but I thought I might be imagining it. A few minutes later it would do it again, and again after that! There wasn't a rhythm to it, but kind of sporadic. So I finally called Chad in there to tell him I think the baby was kicking! So he laid there with me for a few minutes and then he felt it too!! Baby B was kicking hard enough for Daddy to feel :) It was pretty amazing! And then Chad got up to text our families, even though it was 1 am (sorry about that!). I felt another kick the next morning, but not much since then. I have to really pay attention to feel it, but I am sure that it will start to get stronger!!

Also, we moved our sono appointment up to tomorrow morning!!! So we will know Baby B's gender (if all goes accordingly) in less than 24 hours!! Hooray!!

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