Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Inside Out

This was my journal entry from this past Sunday, January 9th, but I wanted to share it on here. It is a little personal, but I feel like the blog is sort of a chronicle of my path to motherhood and this was an important step.

Today I had a very moving experience at church. We were singing:
"And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise
From the inside out
Lord, my soul cries out

From the inside out
Lord, my soul cries out"

and I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be there worshiping with my son in my womb. I don't know what all is in store for his life, but my heart was yearning for him to know and love the Lord. I realized that my heart was being transformed into that of a mother. My heart will now break with my child's pain and rejoice with his victories (instead of my own). It was just a glimpse into the heart of the Father and His immeasurable love for us. I am so thankful for this wonderful gift and this experience today. My soul cries out to the Lord on behalf of the person growing within me. As I left church, I was greeted with a heavy snowfall!! It was such a perfect message from God, "Shauna, all is well. I am in control. Delight in me!"

(Note: this picture is from last year when it snowed on my birthday! I didn't get a picture of this week's snow, because it didn't stick.)

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