Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, BOY!!

Well, it's official - Baby Barnes is a BOY! We went for the sonogram yesterday and it was pretty clear that we were shopping for blue! Chad almost jumped out of his chair when we found out! He is so excited to have a son; it's really cute! I'm excited too, but I know nothing about little boys, so this will be a whole new adventure!! Here is his sweet little profile. I just love his little nose and mouth :)
This picture was kind of hard to get because BBB was literally doing flips in there! Note to self: start preparing for a rambunctious little boy!! He measured right on target in height and weight (60th percentile) and his head measured a few days larger. So please pray with me that he does not get a giant Barnes head (or at least that he will grow into it AFTER birth). Ha! And here is his first footprint!!
 The sono tech noticed that his second toe was longer than his first and asked who in the family had those feet. Well, it looks like BBB has Papa Chee's feet, which is extra special!! We also got to see some hand waving and mouth opening action. It looks like he may sleep with his hands over his head like Mommy (I'm just trying to claim some parts now because I have a feeling we have a mini Chad on the way)!! That's all for now from Shauna, Chad and Baby Boy Barnes!!

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